As the founder of KENNYSWORK and the director of BROTHERSFREE, Kenny Wong is a much-sought-after designer. His in-house brands include Molly the Painter, copperhead-18 and BIG EAR. He has collaborated with Levi’s, SQUARE ENIX, Simone Legno, Shinichiro Kitai, Uniqlo, and was the first Hong Kong designer authorized by Walt Disney to give Mickey Mouse a series of new looks. His art pieces grace museuems through Asia.


Changing Molly
Molly and Big Ear Finger Puppets
Molly Head Papercup
Paper Dino Molly


Big Ear
Crown Molly
Dino Molly 1
Dino Molly 2
Fairy Molly
Molly 1
Molly 2


Find The Correct Pairs
Matching Molly
Paper Soccer