The brainchild of Wang Shijia — Ang Ku Kueh and Friends was created out of desire to introduce a uniquely local character that is relatable to Singaporeans whilst embodying heritage. Inspired by Ang Ku Kueh — a traditional local pastry that symbolises good luck and longevity, the whimsical Ang Ku Kueh girl has distinctively Singaporean traits. For instance, she wears her slippers everywhere, is kiasu (afraid to lose) at games. Plus she’s also spunky and loves playing old-school games like hopscotch and five stones. Ang Ku Kueh Girl® lives on the Little Red Dot with her good friends: Png Kueh Girl, Curry Puff Boy™, Roti Prata Boy™, Kueh Lapis Girl™ and her brother, Ang Ku Kueh Boy™. Together, their greatest wish is for everyone to be happy.

New Crafts

Baa Baa Black Sheep


Thank You
You Are The Best


Ang Ku Kueh Coin Box
Ang Ku Kueh Girl Gift Bag
Back To School


Ang Ku Kueh Boy Puppet
Ang Ku Kueh Girl Finger Puppet
Ang Ku Kueh Girl Paper bag Puppet
Cheerful Finger Puppet
Curry Puff Boy Paper Bag Puppet
Demure Png Kueh Girl Stick Puppet
Kueh Lapis Girl Stick Puppet
Roti Prata Boy


There Was An Old Woman Puzzle