Why Use Genuine Canon Inks and Toner?

Genuine Canon Inks and Toner bring out the best in your Canon printer, so you are always assured of exceptional results. Substandard imitations can cause serious damage, but Genuine Canon Inks and Toner will keep your Canon printer going at peak performance. Always use Genuine Canon Inks and Toner – it just makes sense.

Don't Be Fooled: How to Identify A Genuine Canon Ink Cartridge

It's sometimes difficult to tell a counterfeit ink cartridge from the real thing, because product packaging can be very similar. However, the quality of the contents couldn't be further apart. A Genuine Canon ink cartridge ensures optimal printer performance, while counterfeits can cause blocked printer heads, ink leakage, poor printer performance and inferior image quality. So don't be fooled! Click on the following links and learn how to spot a fake!

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