Wi-Fi and Camera Connect

Quick, Direct Access to Smartphones and Printers

EOS camera models with a built-in Wi-Fi function offer a new way of enjoying photography. By connecting it to another Canon Wi-Fi-compatible model* or a smartphone, photos stored in the camera can be shared on the spot between the devices. If you have a printer with a built-in Wi-Fi function, you can also print the photos directly using the camera. No cable connection or PC is required in this case.

* Only applicable to JPEG images between Canon cameras built in with the Wi-Fi function that are released in 2012 or later.

Compatible Models: 5D IV, 6D II, 80D, 77D, 800D, 750D, 200D, 3000D, 1500D, 1300D, M6, M5, M100, M50, M10

Camera Connect

Camera Connect is a smartphone application designed for Canon cameras that come with the built-in Wi-Fi function. Using the browsing feature enables users to view photos stored in the camera’s memory on a smartphone, as well as send these photos to a smartphone. Use of the Remote Live View feature not only allows a smartphone device to be used as a remote shutter release, but also for setting the focusing point, and changing settings for AF operation, aperture value, shutter speed, and ISO speed.

* Compatible with iOS and Android™ OS. Downloadable from App Store or Google Play. The iOS version runs on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch installed with iOS 7.0 and above. The Android™ version runs on smartphones installed with Android™ OS 4.0-4.4 / 5.0-5.1 / 6.0 and above, and tablet devices installed with Android™ OS 4.0 and above.

Compatible Cameras