ISO Speeds

Beautiful Clarity even at High ISO Speeds

ISO speed is a numerical value that indicates the sensitivity of the image sensor toward light. Generally, noise level increases as you raise the ISO speed. At the same time, however, raising the ISO speed can also reduce camera shake when you are taking a handheld shot of a nightscape or at a dimly-lit indoor location, as it allows a sufficient amount of brightness to be obtained even when the shutter speed increases. With the high light-gathering efficiency and noise minimisation capabilities of the CMOS sensor, together with the sophisticated noise reduction performance of the DIGIC image processor, the EOS system is capable of producing clear images with minimal noise even at a high ISO speed.

Expanded ISO 409600: 1D X II

Expanded ISO 102400: 5D IV, 6D II

Expanded ISO 51200: 7D II, 77D, 800D, 200D, M50

Expanded ISO 25600: 80D, 750D, M6, M5, M10

ISO 25600: M100

Expanded ISO 12800: 5DS, 5DS R, 3000D, 1500D, 1300D

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ISO 6400

ISO 12800

ISO 25600

ISO 51200

Noise Reduction

High ISO Speed Noise Reduction allows clear images to be generated through sophisticated processing by the DIGIC image processor. You can also select the degree of the noise reduction effect. There are also models that come with a Multi Shot Noise Reduction option, which combines four continuously-shot images into one for more effective noise reduction. For all EOS cameras currently in the market, a Long Exposure Noise Reduction feature is also available.

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If Multi Shot Noise Reduction is used, a noise reduction effect equivalent to shooting at an ISO speed 1 – 1.5 stops lower can be achieved.

Without Multi Shot Noise Reduction

With Multi Shot Noise Reduction

Auto ISO Range

This is a feature for setting the ISO speed range when the Auto ISO mode is selected. Some models allow both the upper and lower limits to be set, while others allow setting of the upper limit only. Use a lower setting if your priority is on the image quality, such as in landscape photography. A higher setting is recommended for scenes where a faster shutter speed is needed, such as in sports photography.

Minimum Shutter Speed for Auto ISO

To prevent camera shake in the respective AE modes, usual practice is to keep shutter speed no lower than “1/focal length” seconds. In a low-light scene, however, subject blur may occur even if camera shake can be avoided. In this case, by making use of this feature and setting the lower shutter speed limit to a higher value, the ISO speed will be automatically set to suit optimal exposure.

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