Hybrid CMOS AF

Faster Live View Shooting AF with Pixel-mounted Phase Difference Detection

The Hybrid CMOS AF feature allows for speedy AF even during Live View shooting. Phase-difference detection is carried out using some of the pixels on the image sensor. It allows the focusing lenses to move instantly to the focusing position in the same way as AF during viewfinder shooting. Finish up by making use of the highly-precise contrast AF for accurate focusing.

The newest version of the technology, Hybrid CMOS AF III utilizes vertical line sensors in the pixels on the CMOS sensor that carry out phase-difference detection. This allows a denser horizontal arrangement of the sensors, resulting in a faster, more precise AF. Depending on the scene, AF may be carried out without the need for final adjustments using Contrast AF, leading to AF that is around 3.8 times* faster than Hybrid CMOS AF II.

* Calculations made with AF timing measured based on CIPA guidelines.

Hybrid CMOS AF III: 750D

Hybrid CMOS AF II: M10

Hybrid CMOS AF II and III carry out high-speed focusing within an area that is vertically and horizontally 80% of the image.

Compatible Cameras