DIGIC Image Processor

Controls Image and Video Generation

DIGIC is the brain of the EOS system. It processes vast amounts of data during image generation and performs the necessary computation at a high speed when taking a photo. Other tasks that are also performed by DIGIC include colour adjustment for the image, correction of aberrations, and video display during Live View shooting. Such a concept of an image processor that specialises in processing the camera’s image was first invented by Canon. Such a processor was first successfully developed in 1996, and was first introduced on a DSLR camera in 2000 with the launch of the EOS D30. The latest version of the processor is DIGIC 6+. Its evolution continues together with the advancement of the EOS system.

DIGIC 8: M50

Dual DIGIC 7: 6D II, 77D, 800D, 200D, M6, M5, M100

Dual DIGIC 6+: 1D X II

Dual DIGIC 6: 5DS, 5DS R, 7D II


DIGIC 6: 80D, 750D, M10

DIGIC 4+: 3000D, 1500D, 1300D

Compatible Cameras