Canon in South and Southeast Asia - Business
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Secure Print

Manage the level of confidentiality of sensitive documents with the Secure Print function. Print jobs will be held safe in memory until authentication code is entered into the device. Secure Print function is available only on selected models. Some may require additional Canon SD Card accessory.

Small yet powerful

Be enthralled by the beautifully designed printers with small footprint, a perfect choice in a space-constraints office. Who says a printer needs to be big to be powerful?

Quick Warm-up Time

Canon's proprietary On-Demand Fixing technology, a feature of many laser printers, uses a thin fixing film that is heated directly by a ceramic heater. As heat is transferred instantly to the fixing film, printing can be done almost immediately, reducing warm-up time to the bare minimum.

Canon PRINT Business

You can now print directly from smartphones and tablets, a leap from the conventional PC to printer connection. Supporting both Android and iOS devices, the Canon PRINT Business app allows you to integrate your mobile devices seamlessly into your business operations, supporting a variety of file types and configuration of print settings according to your needs.

Cartridge recycling

Cartridge recycling
Canon cartridges will give you the best quality prints and keep your printer in top condition. And by participating in Canon's Cartridge Recycling programme, you can also make a difference for the environment. Drop off individual cartridges at one of our locations, or call us to pick them up if you have collected 10 cartridges or more.


In its effort to minimise its environmental impact, Canon has developed the On-Demand Fixing technology. Power consumption is drastically reduced as it is no longer necessary to keep the fixing-roller heated when the printer is in standby mode. Also, auto duplex printing encourages your staff to use less paper.