Océ ProCut G-Series

Fast track your workflow

Océ ProCut flatbed cutter line includes nine highly accurate, automated cutting systems that deliver exceptional cut quality, versatility and productivity for all display graphic applications. Part of a complete digital workflow system including Océ ProCut workflow software, Océ ProCut digital cutting tables can streamline your large format digital printer workflow from prepress to finishing.
  • Finish rigid and flexible media
  • Max. media width: 3,245mm
  • Max. thickness of media: 50mm
  • Router up to 1kW
  • Max. 3 tools mounted in-line
Océ ProCut G-Series - Canon in South and Southeast Asia - Business
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Streamline your workflow from prepress to finishing

  • With the Océ ProCut Modular Tool system, you can simultaneously cut and crease a piece of cardboard, or effortlessly transition from routing a piece of Dibond to kiss-cutting a roll of vinyl
  • The innovative vacuum system automatically adjusts to ensure material stays put on the table
  • Océ ProCut tables are operated by the unique, integrated Océ ProCut workflow software package, which streamlines the complete digital workflow from prepress to finishing

Trim costs and enhance display graphic offerings

  • Reduce turnaround time: jobs are completed in minutes rather than hours compared to manual cutting
  • Decrease labor costs: the cutter can be run by just one operator. It can free up several workers in the finishing department for other operations
  • Satisfy quality conscious customers: consistent high-quality error-free cutting of any display graphic job produced on a large format digital printer. Océ ProCut even compensates for image or material distortion before cutting
  • Open new business opportunities: one cutter, several tools, dozens of materials and hundreds of display graphic applications

Tools and applications

  • Universal Cutting tool – for thin materials
  • Kiss-cutting tool – for vinyl (self-adhesive labels)
  • Electric Oscillating tool – for soft medium density materials
  • Pneumatic Oscillating tool – for soft denser materials
  • Driven rotary tool – for textiles
  • 1 kW router – for hard, dense materials
  • Creasing tools – for corrugated, plastic, carton, etc.

Specifications for Océ ProCut G-Series

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