Flexible Performance in a Broad Range of Diagnostic Settings

Smaller, lighter and easier to use.
  • Gadolinium OxySulfide (Gd2O2S) scintillator
  • 125µm Pixel Pitch
  • Detachable sensor cable
  • Effective Imaging Area of 35.0cm x 42.6cm
CXDI-501G - Canon in South and Southeast Asia - Business
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Enhanced Portability

Only 3.1kg and 15mm thick, the CXDI-501G is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the CXDI-55G. The CXDI-501G also features a handle to improve portability. This thin flat detector, 460mm in width and 424mm in depths, fits into the cassette tray, allowing radiographic digitization without major and costly modifications to the existing system.

125 Microns High Resolution Pixel Pitch

Canon’s proprietary new Flat Panel Detector with a pixel pitch of 125 microns delivers higher resolution and higher imaging quality, supported by a total pixel count of 9.5 million, 60% larger than the previous model.

Detachable Sensor Cable

The detachable sensor cable provides the CXDI-501G detectors with enhanced mobile convenience.

Specifications for CXDI-501G

System Configuration Examples