Thin, lightweight DR detector with greater portability.

High resolution, high image quality at 125 microns and enhanced portability.
  • Cesium iodide (CsI: TI) scintillator
  • 125µm Pixel Pitch
  • Detachable sensor cable
  • Effective Imaging Area of 35.0cm x 42.6cm
CXDI-501C - Canon in South and Southeast Asia - Business
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Support Low Dose for Imaging

Cesium iodide (CsI) with high scintillation efficiency is used for the scintillator in the CXDI-501C. This raises the sensitivity of the scintillator and reduces the patient’s X-Ray exposure while achieving higher resolution imaging.

Excellent Vibration Resistance

Dispensing with power-driven parts, the CXDI detectors demonstrate stable vibration-proof performance. They are also highly resistance to environmental stress, including intense heat and humidity. - Proven by actual use in more than 500 X-Ray vans, home healthcare and medical services in disaster areas.

Automatic Sizing Feature

The CXDI-501C automatically sizes the X-Ray exposure area up to 35.0cm x 42.6cm eliminating the need to select the image size before or after exposure thus simplifying the imaging workflow.

Specifications for CXDI-501C

System Configuration Examples