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UHD 4K Lenses  

Telling new video narratives using a powerful sense of immersion -that's beyonf past experience and new powers of expression. Opening the door to limitless potential in next-generation image creation

Box Type Studio / Field Lenses  

The latest version of the DIGISUPER series Studio / Field lenses are developed with the most advanced technologies.

HDTV ENG / EFP Lenses  

Equipped with Canon’s new “xs” technology as well as Canon latest “Digital Drive”

Remote Control Lenses  

Designed for applications such as broadcasting, teleconference, distance learning and others

Cinema Lenses  

Canon introduces a full lineup of zoom and prime lenses for the Digital Cinema market.

Remote Control Pan-Tilt System  

Provide outstanding HDTV performance with an open-source command protocol to support indoor / outdoor remote video operations.