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Experienced in innovation

Experienced in innovation
It was more than 50 years ago that Canon introduced the first BCTV lens. Labeled the "Field Zoom IF-1" this lens featured a 6.7x zoom range, which was the highest in the industry back in 1958. Since that time Canon has energetically advanced the art of high-end optical design on many fronts in close collaboration with international broadcasters and producers in an unceasing pursuit of product innovation and customer satisfaction.

New BCTV lenses designed to accelerate the pace of 4K UHD content creation

As 4K continues its steady integration into mainstream television dramas, documentaries and movies, Canon has been at the technological forefront with our innovative Cinema EOS series and development of 4K Optics.
The needs of broadcast television producers to achieve the high image quality of 4K UHD and more powerful ways of expression are now spreading to live telecasts of sports, concerts, and events. The imperative for 4K lenses that can offer the long focal ranges that are central to contemporary sports coverage while maintaining the usability and ease of operation that the broadcast industry favors, is increasing at a rapid pace.
In response to these new marketplace needs, Canon is offering lenses whose performance neatly dovetails with the various new 2/3" small-format 4K UHD cameras as part of our onward drive to support this new movement.
By offering lenses that fit in with the applications and objectives of users, Canon is taking steps to actively open up new dimensions of potential in video performance. 4K images can convey such a sense of presence and an almost3-dimensional feeling that viewers sense they are actually involved in the action; through such images, these lenses can impart new values to user content and allow viewers to experience videos in new and fresh ways.