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Experienced in innovation

Experienced in innovation
It was more than 50 years ago that Canon introduced the first BCTV lens. Labeled the "Field Zoom IF-1" this lens featured a 6.7x zoom range, which was the highest in the industry back in 1958. Since that time Canon has energetically advanced the art of high-end optical design on many fronts in close collaboration with international broadcasters and producers in an unceasing pursuit of product innovation and customer satisfaction.

Special Optical Elements and The Best Optical Layout (X-Element and The Power Optical System)

Canon has developed a breakthrough in optical design technology known as the "Power Optical System" with "X-Element" as its core. By using the "X-Element" to its maximum power in the specially designed optical layout, higher specifications and quality can be achieved in smaller and lighter lenses. The lenses designed using the "Power Optical System" are known as the "XS-series".

Enhanced Digital Drive Unit

Enhanced Digital Drive Unit
With the launch of the HJ14ex4.3B, Canon introduced a totally new design of the digital drive unit. Refined by long-term market research and worldwide experience, Canon mobilized the latest in 3D CAD-CAM design to significantly improve the human tactile interface to the control of zoom, iris, and focus. Of course, all the advantages from the current e-HDxs Digital Drive Unit such as "Information Display for user customize setting", "Rotary Encoder for virtual studio integration and precise control" and "Enhanced Digital Functions" are inherited to the new drive unit.

*The new drive is loaded with the HJ14ex and the lenses that have 'A' at the end of its model name such as 'IRSE A', 'IASE A'.

HDgc Series Lens Line Ups

Canon mobilized contemporary design tools and optical materials that facilitated a significant cost reduction while still maintaining an impressive overall HD imagining performance. In recognition of the continuing introduction of new improved 2/3-inch HD acquisition systems and supported by a global experience, Canon is now introducing a second generation HDgc that reflects further design optimizations.