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Support for Many Virtual Systems

Support for Many Virtual Systems
The Digisuper series are equipped with high-performance zoom, focus, and iris encoders. With multiple support for encoder outputs, analogue outputs, and serial outputs, the digisuper series can work with many kinds of virtual systems. It easily adapts to existing virtual systems because it comes standard equipped with 20-pin lens interface.

Box Type Studio / Field Lens Line Ups

The latest version of the DIGISUPER series Studio / Field lenses are developed with the most advanced technologies, keeping in mind possible future production style. In the DIGISUPER series, Canon has introduced a revolutionary HDTV Auto Focus System. This technology assists professional cameras operators in concentrating on the action/beauty shots while maintaining the images in focus.

Advanced image stabilizer

A formidable ally of cameramen everywhere for mitigating vibration of all kinds. The image stabilizer feature by Canon has been faithfully used over the years at many of the world's highest-profile sporting events, and is now considered a must when shooting sports