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Travel the World and Unleash Your Creativity with Canon EOS M10 and Rilakkuma™

SINGAPORE, 2 June 2016 – Canon partnered with the much-loved Rilakkuma to inspire creativity among all social media users. This initiative aims to spur users to incorporate the ToyTravel (Nui-Dori) trend artistically in their photography through the launch of a special edition EOS M10 box set, bundled with a limited edition 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy.

ToyTravel is the art of photography where toys imitate life. Social photographers inject creativity and fun into their everyday adventures with a preferred toy or figurine – from a figurine in a bowl of cereal, to a stuffed toy strapped in an airline seat, the possibilities are endless. The Canon EOS M10 empowers users to capture great photos for these stories.

"Combining a popular character with a powerful camera, we hope to bring Toytravel to every fun-loving social photographer out there and make their next travel adventure a more memorable one with the well-loved Rilakkuma. With the sleek and chic EOS M10, users will be able to capture superior quality photos and videos for sharing on social media platforms." said Hayashi Naohiko, Senior Director and General Manager for Regional ICP Sales and Marketing, Canon Singapore.

Capabilities of the powerful Canon EOS M10
The EOS M10 is the newest addition to Canon's EOS M range of high performance mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras. Being the most compact and lightweight in the series, it is ideal for users to carry around on all types of adventures! The large 18.0-megapixel APS-C sensor and the fast Hybrid CMOS AF II system will capture spontaneous photographic moments and provide excellent quality images.

Perfect for selfies, the Self Portrait mode features a one-touch beautification shortcut that offers a skin smoothing effect. With optional jackets (sold separately) in a range of striking colours such as classic Navy, a sweet hue of Pink, whimsical Aqua and monochrome Border, users are able to style and customise the camera according to their fun personalities.

Canon #ToyTravel Photo Challenge
Together with the launch of the new EOS M10 Rilakkuma box set, Canon is introducing a photo challenge. Participants have to incorporate the contest themes into their photography and the winner of each theme stands to win an EOS M10 kit (EF-M15-45mm) along with a 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy. To join, simply:

  1. Follow @CanonAsia on Instagram or Canon Imaging Asia on Facebook, and
  2. Share your ToyTravel photo stories using your favourite toy and hashtag #EOSM10Rilakkuma and #ToyTravel in all themes.

The first theme will be announced on 6 June and the first winner will be revealed at the end of the month. Please find further details at:

About Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Canon is a global leader in photographic and digital imaging solutions. Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. is the headquarters for South & Southeast Asia driving sales, marketing and service strategies. Besides handling the domestic market, the company leads 18 other countries including subsidiaries in India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. The parent company Canon Inc. has a global network of close to 300 companies and employs close to 200,000 people worldwide. It is dedicated to the advancement in technology and innovation and commits more than 8% of its total revenue each year to R&D. Canon is consistently one of the top few companies to earn the most number of patents over the last 20 years. As a Fortune Global 500 company, Canon is guided by its kyosei philosophy that focuses on living and working together for the common good.

More information is available at

About San-X
San-X is one of the largest character oriented stationary and gift manufacturing company in Japan. Originated in April 8th, 1932 by the late president Chida as a private-owned business under the name of Chida Handler, San-X became limited company in 1942. Since 1980, including the well-known TarePanda, Rilakkuma, Kogepan, Afro Ken, Kireizukin, and Nyan Nyan Nyanko, San-X had created more than 800 characters and have many fans among the South East Asia markets, US and EU. San-X celebrated their 70th anniversary in 2002. On their logo, four-leaf clover is representing with San-X's symbol color, blue which they have put their heart and soul for wishing "Good Luck". Also meaning through their product they hope their end-user to be filled with happiness. In addition, it's also a company image to symbolize youthfulness, novelty (freshness), challenge, and future.

About Rilakkuma™
Created to reflect the dreams of a carefree lifestyle in busy Japan, Rilakkuma, translated as relaxed bear is a popular Japanese character. This "bear in the relaxing mood" is always lazy and relaxed anytime, anywhere, moving at his own pace. Impossible to hate, you too, will feel lazy & relaxed when you're watching Rilakkuma, who is not a real bear – it's a bear suit with a zipper on the back. What is inside is a secret!