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Canon Expands Optical Accessory Lineup with Attachments for 4K Broadcasting Camera Portable Zoom Lenses

SINGAPORE, 14 April 2016 – Canon today announced the launch of the three new optical accessories for portable zoom lenses used with 4K broadcasting camera: the Wide Attachment WA75HG, the Fish Eye Attachment FEA60HG, and the Close-up Lens 105CL-UP800HG. Additionally, the name of the series, which comprises two existing accessories, has been changed to the HG Series.

Canon has assembled a wide array of optical accessories for use with professional broadcasting portable zoom lenses to facilitate diversity of shooting styles and visual expression. Now, Canon will be releasing the trio of new accessories to coincide with the release of the Company’s new CJ20eX7.8B 4K portable zoom lens, due to be released in late June 2016. The Wide Attachment WA75HG provides an even wider angle of view at the wide-angle end, the Fish Eye Attachment FEA60HG creates a special effect similar to that achieved by a fisheye lens, and the Close-up Lens 105CL-UP800HG enables zoom shooting of a subject from a closer distance.

The existing Wide Converter W80HD and Tele-side Converter T15HD-II accessories will be rebranded as part of the HG series, bringing the total number of HG-Series accessories for use with HDTV and 4K cameras to five. The Wide Converter W80HD and Tele-side Converter T15HD-II will be renamed and continue to be sold as the Wide Converter W80HG and Tele-side Converter T15HG, respectively.

The Close-up Lens 105CL-UP800HG, the Wide Attachment WA75HG, and the Fish Eye Attachment FEA60HG will go on sale in September.

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