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Firmware upgrade/Smartphone App for Canon’s Connect Station CS100 makes sharing and managing photos and videos even easier

SINGAPORE, 18 February 2016 – Canon announced today a free firmware upgrade and smartphone app for the Canon Connect Station CS100 (released in January 2015), providing an enhanced user experience for the sharing and managing of photos and videos on the device.

The Connect Station CS100 is a convenient one-stop platform which enables photos from different devices to be stored and organised within a central device for easy sharing and viewing. In response to the needs of a wide range of users, the firmware upgrade and smartphone app will help strengthen coordination between computers and smartphones. The new firmware upgrade also makes it possible for selected photos and movies to be exported to an external hard disk for back up.

Improved Functions with firmware upgrade
With the firmware upgrade, photos and videos saved on the computer can easily be grouped together and uploaded to the CS100 via drag and drop, an improvement over the previous version of repeatedly selecting individual files for transfer.

In addition to the existing 11 supported languages, 13 new languages (Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Polish, Hungarian, Ukraine, Turkish, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian) will be added, making it a total of 24 supported languages for users in both Asia and Europe/USA.

New Connect Station smartphone app
The new dedicated Connect Station smartphone app (available for both iOS and Android devices) dramatically improves existing specs for viewing from a web browser. Connection to the CS100 from a smartphone can be done in just one-step, even on non-NFC compatible smartphones, an improvement over the previous method of manually inputing the IP address in the web browser.

All the photos saved on the CS100 can now be viewed and searched by date on a smartphone, compared to previously when only photos registered in albums can be viewed. Multiple photos can also be selected and uploaded together directly from the smartphone to the CS100. Likewise, multiple images can also be selected and downloaded to the smartphone from the CS100.

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